Zero contact and from-a-distance heart and respiration monitoring of animals

SMP is reinventing vital signs monitoring with a unique doppler radar-based
technology. Our patented, touchless platform, VetGuardian™, promotes
low-stress handling, and improves staff efficiency, and animal care.

Reduce Stress
VetGuardian™ removes the need for physical contact when heart rate and respiration information is needed. Because the VetGuardian™ is placed at a distance and without the need to contact the animal, stress is reduced for both the patient and staff.
Remote Surveillance
With VetGuardian™, animal care providers can now monitor recovery from practically anywhere. There is no need to be in the same room as the patient. Continuous heart and breathing rates along with a live video-audio feed means that less staff time is required to access these vitals. Faster response time and treatment helps to safe guard patients when they are most at-risk in recovery.
Save Time and Resources
The average veterinary practice checks patient vital signs for 40 to 150 times per day, and every 15 minutes after surgery until recovery. VetGuardian™ avoids the need for manual recording of this information, and automates the process.
Clinical Applications
Overnight Boarding
Post-op Recovery

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